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Northwest Counseling

Compassionate Psychotherapy and Counseling for Mature Adults.

 Everyone could use a little help sometime.

How can I help you?



My mission is helping people and empowering you to live your

life to the fullest.

Are you struggling with a relationship? Feeling depressed, anxious, unhappy? Coping with challenges or grieving a loss? The kinds of concerns that bring a person into counseling can affect all of us. Almost without exception, most of us suffer from some kind of emotional or mental difficulty at some point in our lives.


Talking with a mental health counselor can bring clarity, perspective, and hope. Often, the simple act of sharing out loud what you normally don't share can relieve anxiety and fears you might be feeling



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I am here to help support women

Do you ever wonder how YOU got lost in the world

you currently find yourself in?

Do you feel somewhat disconnected?

Do you put on a “happy face”

when much of life doesn’t feel so happy?

Do you say “yes” when you would really like to say “no”?

Have you spent your life taking care of your spouse, partner & kids, but forgot to take care of you?

And what does “self-care” really mean anyway?


I am here to help support

those battling stress

When life changes unexpectedly, it’s hard to adjust.

Life used to be easier. Things were more predictable; part of you like it that way. But now things feel scarier. Our carefully crafted plans have seem to have gone out the window. You feel anxious. And you’re having difficulty sleeping. You might be isolating. Or losing yourself in social media or mindless TV.


I am here to help support couples

Do you get stuck on the same issues?

Do you question why you and your partner

fail to be “on the same page”?

Do you think you know what your partner

will say before it even comes out of their mouth?


Do you wonder how you can get your partner to hear you?


I am here to help support you in pastoral counseling 

Finally and most importantly, I am a Pastoral Counselor. Pastoral Counseling comes from the Latin “cura animarum”; care of the soul. I see our work as Spiritual and well as therapeutic. The counseling I provide is, in large part, my vocation; my ministry. It is at the heart of who I am. With that comes the knowledge and understanding that God has been my “ever present help” in the therapeutic arena.

Meet Cheryl M.Ed LMHC

 Counselor in Washington State

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As with many journeys, my journey to become a Psychotherapist was a winding road, full of stops and turns. I have had personal experience with marriage and divorce, infertility and miscarriage, death, and narcissistic, verbal abuse.


I got the help I needed from a wonderful therapist, read copious books, and did my homework. Then I went to school.

I spent 20 years taking night courses, while raising kids and working. It all led to a Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis in Pastoral Counseling and Systems Theory.

I understand how hard it is for you to take the first steps to therapy. Moving into uncharted territory can be scary and daunting. But you’ve survived scary before, haven’t you? And, it will take work, but you can do it. After all, you got this far didn’t you?


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We look forward to speaking with you. Please do not hestiate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We would love to be of assistance.

403 W State Street, Suite 205
Aberdeen, WA 98520

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Areas of Interest

  • Women’s issues

  • Life Transitions

  • Grief and Loss

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • PreMarital and Divorce

  • Communication

  • Self Esteem

  • Trust Issues

  • Spiritual Guidance/Direction

  • Elder Issues

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